Commitment to providing services that enhance the wellness of academic communities to facilitate lifelong success.


Commitment to increasing student achievement and matriculation, athletics and alumni satisfaction and overall academic success.


Commitment to improving the wellness and workforce effectiveness of faculty, administrators, staff and employees.


Commitment to creating trusting partnerships with colleges and universities that maximize their value proposition and connectivity to their students and related communities and protect the privacy of the users.

A User Friendly Experience

With daily alerts that prompt users to log in to the UWP app, a conversational tone addresses how each user feels that particular day. The UWP app then generates user-specific programs and resources.

Many of the programs include action items that coincide with and direct back to established campus and community resources.

With our support team ready to tackle any technical issue that arises, UWP ensures a seamless experience for the user and the institution.

Interactive Motivation

Each day the academic community will be encouraged to check in to the app and interact daily. At the end of each week, they will receive notification of the classes they participated in for increased engagement.

Features will include fun app notification between friends such as when users sign up for the same class and water intake logs to reinforce habits beyond the app and encourage daily interaction.

Interactivity increases user engagement and encourages social connectivity.

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