Three men walking in hallway with backs towards screens, two with back packs, one in striped shirt, one in grey shirt and one in navy shirt, represents “Connect with Your Peers” program

Connect with Your Peers

Three people smiling at wooden desk with notebooks, open computers and coffee with white background and corkboard and plants all in professional attire, represents “Identify A Study Group” program

Identify a Virtual Study Group

Open computer in background with two individuals at wooden desk with one writing on notebook with one holding paper with pen and yellow sticky note on paper, represents “Find A Tutor” program

Find a Virtual Tutor

Moving box on wooden floor with white wall in background, represents “Match With a Roommate” program

Match with a Roommate

Social Wellness Outcomes

Enable the Housing Staff to Aid Students in Finding Compatible Roommates

Increase Student Satisfaction with Housing Placement  to Improve Student Retention Year Over Year

Students Social Connections Contribute to Greater Social Wellness & Alumni Involvement