Study Break - 15 Minute Focus Stretch

Individual Stretching front of leg with grey long sleeve top, black leggings, white watch and coral sneakers, represents “Feeling Sluggish, 30 Min Class to Jumpstart Your System” program

Want to Increase Breath Capacity? - 10 Minute Breath Class for Musicians or Anyone

Don’t Let the Freshman 15 Get You! Take This 20 Minute Core Class

Individual in running shoes and back sweatpants on road with one heel raised, represents “Need a Walk? Walk Around Campus with this 30 Min Inspiring Walk” program

How to Sustain Energy for Online Classes

Physical Wellness Outcomes

With Daily Reminder of Physical Wellness, Community Members Will Engage More With Their Physical Wellness

Students Are Happier & More Involved in the Community to Increase Student Retention

Increase Academic Community Productivity & Overall Campus Engagement