Stainless steel water bottle in pink mesh tote bag on white background, represents “Log Your Water Intake” program

Log Your Water Intake

Bowl with mango, shrimp, rice, avocado, nuts, lime, sprouts with black seeds, represents “What’s Your Meal Prep Look Like” program

Guide to Healthy Eating as a Freshman

Assortment of vegetables including broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, potatoes and zucchini, represents “Nutritional Wellness” pillar

Recipes for Your Dorm Room

Brown energy oat balls on white baking sheet, represents “Dorm Room Friendly Protein Packed Recipes” program

Easy Protein Packed Recipes to Stay Engaged During Virtual Learning

Nutritional Wellness Outcomes

Increased Energy Levels, Mental Clarity & Stability

Increased Student Focus on Nourishment & Nutritional Well-being

Happier & Healthier Academic Communities