Four Individuals in Warrior 1 position with bent front leg and straight back leg from torso down on yoga mats with windows in background, represents “Freshman Yoga Class”

Freshman Yoga Class

Join your freshman friends for a complete hour of relaxation. Our instructors are excited to help you unwind and connect with your class.



30 Minute Mindfulness Lecture with Specialist

We know the stress of classes, exams, teaching, (life) is starting to pile on. Take some time to check in with where you are now and see how mindfulness can help combat the stresses of today and tomorrow.



Questions About Summer Internships?

Be sure to pop in to your on-campus Career Service Office to plan out your summer. In the meantime, use this course to get some of your questions about summer internships answered.



Get Paired with an Online or In-Person Study Group

Online & In-Person study groups are the perfect way to start exam prep and keep on track throughout the entire term. UWP can help you find your group!



Weekly Faculty Unwind

From preparing for abnormal teaching environments to the regular stress of each term, daily demands can pile up and begin to feel exhausting. Take a dedicated moment for yourself each week to unwind with our weekly faculty-specific meditation class.



Make the Most of Your Lunch Break

Join us for a seminar with nutritional and mental wellness experts excited to share their tips on how to make the most of your lunch break.